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Discover family roots

Every family has a story, just like wooden windows and doors. Exterior doors and windows are the showpiece of your home! Our timber joinery is a combination of tradition and modernity. Just as every man, according to tradition, has to plant a tree and build a house, our goal is to continue the tradition and help to equip your home with woodwork, that in harmony with #naturo.

After many years, wooden joinery returns to the showrooms in great style!
Wooden windows are the main competition for uPVC. On the one hand, elegance and class - on the other, a return to the traditional form! Let the windows and doors in your home be in harmony with nature. This is a completely new dimension of aesthetics. Timber joinery fits perfectly into the new standards, and at the same time impresses with aesthetic and functional values.

Environmentally friendly timber!
Our wooden joinery is made in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Timber is a raw material that is obtained from trees intended for planned felling. Therefore, the production of our wooden windows does not deteriorate the quality of the natural environment. Because timber is a natural and environmentally safe raw material.

Why is it worth choosing wooden joinery?

  • Certified products - we are FSC certified, we require this from each of our suppliers. European timber, i.e. pine, oak and spruce, comes from Poland, and the exotic timber, i.e. meranti, comes from Indonesia or Malaysia, where we also have FSC certificates.

  • High technical parameters - in our offer you will find products that have an increased specification. We have the most modern machinery, which guarantees repeatability and maintains the quality of the product.

  • The warranty applies similarly to uPVC, 5 years for windows, 2 years for doors.

  • Elegant and timeless design - classic and elegance in a traditional form.

  • High durability - are you looking for durable solutions, but do you think that wooden joinery requires constant maintenance? This is just one of many myths about wooden joinery. Would you like to know more? Check out our article

  • Design and aesthetics

  • Safety

We produce wooden windows from carefully selected types of wood, such as: Kalzing pine, Kalzing spruce, solid pine, solid spruce, meranti, larch, oak. Our Naturo wooden windows have high thermal insulation parameters. Their profiles are characterized by very good insulation while maintaining the optimal profile depth.

Durability has a new dimension!
Wooden joinery is much more durable than standard materials. Its design prevents the windows from bending. Customers choose uPVC windows more often because of the price. Often, the difference is slight, and when choosing windows, it should be emphasized that it is an investment for many years, so the difference in cost of wooden and uPVC windows should not be a problem.

Wooden windows have higher soundproofing than their competitors, which also reduces the amount of heat that escapes from your home. When choosing wooden joinery, we use a natural raw material that both absorbs and releases moisture and creates a friendly atmosphere.

Are you wondering how our combination of modernism and tradition will look like in your home? Use our window4u platform where you can visualise your dreams using augmented reality.

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