How important is assembly?

2022-10-26 12:10

Shape, material, color, texture of the glass… These are the basic issues that you consider when planning a new window purchase. However, even the best and most expensive window joinery will be useless if it is installed incorrectly.

Incorrect installation means that even a newly installed window will be leaky or unusable. Heating costs are increasing every year, so the maximum reduction of heat loss is an absolute must. Therefore, not only the correct selection of appropriate windows, but also the method of their installation are of key importance.

A very expensive mistake

If you notice a faulty assembly of windows – bring it to the attention of the assembly team, because some shortcomings can be corrected on a regular basis, if they are “caught” in the initial stage. Attention! When you ignore the matter, it may turn out that a complaint or even – in an extreme case – replacement of windows will be necessary.

Important experienced team

An improperly installed window will not fulfill its task and will become useless. An experienced team is the key word in this case. Only true professionals will know that the most important thing is diligent and precise work, and the correct installation of windows depends on many factors. The importance of, among others type of wall, type of window, as well as the place of its installation. The key here is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and assemble according to the design.

Warm assembly

Investing in energy-efficient windows must be correlated with their proper installation. Warm installation (also known as layered) is an increasingly popular method that allows you to maintain the proper parameters of thermal insulation, which ultimately translates into savings in the use of the building.

This method significantly extends the life of the connection of the window frame with the reveal. This type of installation is used in two- or three-tiered buildings and those subject to thermal modernization.

In a warm installation, three sealing layers are formed:


It aims to seal the insulating layer on both sides of the window joint – a foil protecting against steam and moisture is placed on the inside, and a vapor-tight window tape is used to make it. This design is designed to protect the mounting foam. In the middle layer, polyurethane foam is usually placed, the task of which is to tightly cover the space between the window frame and the wall. Thanks to these measures, the formation of thermal bridges is minimized, which in turn translates into limiting heating expenses. On the other hand, the outer layer, made of special vapor-permeable tapes, is designed to protect the insulation against moisture.

Replacing windows is an investment for years, so their professional installation is of great importance. The statistics are merciless – 90 percent of all defects reported by customers are the result of incorrect installation. It is the assembly that is the weakest link in ensuring perfect tightness. Although it may seem like a simple operation, it is worth choosing an experienced and professional renovation team, authorized by the manufacturer, as well as windows from authorized showrooms.

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